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Emma Seabrooke Event

On Sat April 22, 2017 the SGCASG had an Emma Seabrooke event and if you missed it you should kick yourself because it was awesome! First let me start off by thanking Mary Jane for organizing this event, if you have never planned an event for something before you may not realize that events can be a major pain in the hiney to pull together. So a big THANK YOU to Mary Jane for all she does for our chapter.

I also want to thank these two great people!192_emmaseabrooke_asgevent2017.jpg

Emma and her husband Al are two of the nicest people I have met and it was quiet a treat to get to spend a day with them. They are a great team, they set everything up, she does the talking and he sells the stuff!

Our event was split into two parts. The first part was a lecture where Emma gave us some really impressive information on knits, showed us clothes made by her patterns, and something that really excited me was all the trims she has made. Now we all know how expensive buying trim is so Emma giving us tips on how to DIY our own trim and have it look like we paid too much for it is worth its weight in well, TRIM! She also broke some very sad news to us, if you are a lover of slinky knit you better buy all you can right now because they are not making any more! 😦 She answered a ton of questions and told us some really great stories.

Then we broke for lunch and shopped. Emma brought a ton of fabric, threads, patterns, and stay tapes (which you can purchase here Emma Seabrooke Event). Who could resist!?!


After lunch we set up some long tables and our machines for a hands on demo. There was a kit to purchase if you wanted with step by step instructions and knit fabric. We also had ironing stations set up where we got to see how great her stay tapes are for sewing on knits.

I have just recently fell for knits so I know all too well how difficult sewing with them can be. But Emma breaks it all down for you and makes it seems not so daunting. She is a great speaker with an infectious laugh and I love how personable she is. I am very much looking forward to spending a couple of hours with her in July at the ASG Annual Conference. If you ever get the chance to go see Emma jump on it you will not be disappointed.


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