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Guest author Betty M.

It is my great pleasure to welcome our second guest author long time ASG member Betty M. Thank you so much for your story.

I love to sew and have been sewing since I was big enough to sit up at the sewing machine and reach the petal – yes, that long ago. I made covers for my dolls and with help, some doll clothes. My interest peaked in high school in my home economics class and I began sewing some of my own clothes. Growing up on a Virginia farm, some of those clothes were made from the colorful cotton sacks that came filled with chicken feed. Long ago I graduated to more elegant fabrics. My major in college came naturally – “I will be a Home Economics Teacher”. And so I was after graduation. I really enjoyed the five years I spent with my 8th through 12th graders.

Many years later with a retired husband we moved to Sarasota where I found the Gulf Coast Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. It has continued to inspire me with our wonderful programs, both in chapter events and my neighborhood group – Sew What’s New.

A recent challenge was to make something new out of something old, or the more modern version – re-purpose something. Neckties came to mind because of some of our programs. Let me share with you some of the things I made out of old neckties.

First there were purses. The larger handbags used several neckties. All were closed with a magnetic fastener. One white wide necktie made an evening purse with an antique belt buckle decorating the outside of the magnetic fastener. A more narrow necktie was used for the black and purple cocktail purse with a scrap of fabric serving as a button.

Two neckties make a belt. The top photo shows how it ties around the waist an ties in the front. The bottom shows more clearly how the two large ends are overlapped an the two small are left to tie in the front.

Last was simply for fun to see if I could make a skirt -ripping apart neckties-not pressing as to leave the natural fold to give the skirt flare. It was complicated and not worth the effort. Unless of course, you need something to energize the brain.



Betty M.



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