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Guest author Jeanie C.

I learned to love sewing watching my Nana at her treadle machine.  She made aprons for my aunt who managed a bakery and always had beautiful starched aprons and crocheted handkerchiefs in the pocket of her white starched uniform.  Nana made quilts for all of their grandchildren and I still have a pillow made from circles of left over fabric.  The circles were perfectly even, made from a “die” which my father made for her.  Although I am not a great “creative thinker”, I made almost all of our 3 daughter’s clothing as they grew.  My eldest daughter was voted best dressed in 8th grade which surprised us both.

There is no ASG chapter where I live up North so it is especially nice for me to have found the Jacaranda chapter and to meet all the clever and welcoming ladies. I’ve enjoyed making Wish Pillows and have participated in making prayer blankets in my church in Venice.  Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful creations coming in the fall.  Especially Tina’s Steam-Punk outfit!

Jeanie C



2 thoughts on “Guest author Jeanie C.

  1. Thanks Jeanie for sharing this with us. I would love to see a picture of that pillow! If you were able to make all your daughter’s clothes I think you are more of a “creative thinker” than you give yourself credit for!

    Admin Tina A.


  2. I really connected with your story! My Grammy sewed on a treadle in her Ohio basement. She left me 3 of her quits which I saved and have recently begun using. It brings back such happy summer memories.


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