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May recap for Sew What’s New and Sew Chic.

In May Sew What’s New and Sew Chic had the pleasure to witness Evelyn L’s trunk show. Evelyn is a the epitome of wearable art. As a Hippy in the 60’s she felt that the wearable art was well, not very wearable, and has made it her challenge in life to make wearable art that is WEARABLE. She is in love with natural fibers, and silk is her number 1 love with linen a very close 2nd. She is not afraid of color, loves  bold prints, and has been known to be a tad kitschy from time to time, (ask her about her lemon shirt!). Her motto is “life is too short to sew with cheap fabric!” Not a bad motto to live by if you ask me!

If you ever get a chance to meet her in person I can just about guarantee she will be wearing something she made, quite possibly it could be a franken-pattern she made by combining multiple patterns. Her trademark is the Elvis collar, and if doesn’t have a pocket I would be shocked.

For those of you that may never have the pleasure of seeing her closet for yourself (be jealous of me because I get all the things she makes but doesn’t like, just one more perk to being her daughter-in-law) here are some pictures. But they do not do her clothes justice!

Thanks for always being a great inspiration to all of us Ev!


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