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June Wrap-Up

Sorry for the delayed post I have been on vacation for the last 9 days. But I am back so lets review what went on in June.

The summer months in Florida make for smaller meetings, with the snowbirds back up North and local members traveling it gets pretty quiet in the summer.

There are 3 Neighborhood Groups changes over the next few months so we will start with those.

Pins & Needles:

As of  June Lorraine P. has taken over the Pins & Needles group from Marie G. Marie has been an integral member of the SGCASG for many years. There is not a position on our board that she has not filled and was a great leader of Pins & Needles. I just want to give a big THANK YOU to Marie for all she has done for us over the years and I am delighted that she is still a member of our Guild. Also a belated happy birthday to Marie!

Creative Sassy Sewers:

Paulette B. will be joining Kathleen as co-leader of Creative Sassy Sewers. Kathleen has been the leader of this NG for 10 years, as many of us know there is a lot of work that goes into running a NG so it is great to see Paulette coming aboard to lighten that load for Kathleen. Thank you Kathleen for keeping this group going strong for the last 10 years and a big thank you to Paulette for jumping in as co-leader, looking forward to what is ahead for this group.


Sew Chic:

Jan Loy has been the leader of Sew Chic for the last 7 years and June was her last meeting as leader. In going through her giant binder of tips, techniques, and projects this last meeting it would seem like there is not very much they didn’t tackle over the last 7 years. I have only been in Jan’s group for the last few months but it was always a great group with lots of energy. Hopefully Ev and I will be able to keep up the groups excellent standards for projects and guests. Thank you Jan for everything you have done for us.

So as we can see there are some changes coming over the next few months. Running a NG is no small feat and I just want to thank all of NG group leaders past, present, and future for all the hard work you put into our Chapter to keep us going and inspiring us to keep on sewing!

So now that that is done lets see what these groups have done in June shall we?

Pins & Needles:

The group made a purse organizer.

Creative Sassy Sewers:

The Bradenton ladies went South for a shop hop. They hit up The Quilters Hangout ( and  SuziQ Quilts ( and after all that shopping they worked up quiet an appetite so they headed on over to the Olive Garden. Look at all those happy (and full) shoppers!

Anything Sews

They tackled Peg Turner’s Sweatshirt. It seems like everyone had a great time at the class and got to enjoy some delicious sounding Marble Squares.

Sew What’s New:

Sew What’s New had a small group this month so after Show & Tell they worked on UFO’s (unfinished objects).

Sew Chic:

This was another small group this month, our assignment was to bring in some of our favorite tips, techniques, or notions. Ev showed her great tips for getting perfect buttonhole placement every time, I (Tina) showed a wearable pin cushion I made for Ev, Irene brought her favorite notion, the Point Turner which you can purchase at JoAnn Fabrics ( or your favorite notions store.

And Barb brought in a bunch of techniques for us to take home. We all rummaged through Jan’s techniques book to take home what we wanted. I snagged one of each from all the offerings so that Ev and I could continue on with the folder as we take over the group in August. Let me tell you we made 10 copies of each thing and it took forever! But it was worth it. We have some pretty big shoes to fill taking over for Jan starting in August.

July will be a pretty quiet month also. Creative Sassy Sewers and Anything Sews are the only groups that will have meetings this month. With a lot of our members out of town and some of getting ready for the ASG Annual Conference in Orlando at the end of July, it seems like a great time to take a month off. Pins & Needles and Sew Chic have July off and Sew What’s New will be out for July and August.

I am looking forward to taking some great classes at the Conference and I am very excited about walking in the fashion show with my finally completed jacket. So I hope everyone is looking forward to hopefully many posts not only by me but hopefully by some other people who attend the Conference.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July and are busy getting lots of sewing done. Feel free to send pictures of any projects you may be working on, we love to be inspired but others!

Happy Sewing Everyone!



One thought on “June Wrap-Up

  1. Update from Pauline yesterday. Kathleen is remaining and will be joined by Paulette this fall. They will be Co-Leaders of Creatvie Sassy Sewers.


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