Welcome to the Sarasota/Gulf Coast Chapter of the American Sewing Guild Blog. We serve the Manatee/Sarasota Florida area. The ASG mission is to “Advance Sewing as an Art and Life Skill”. We have 5 monthly Neighborhood groups (NG), where we get together to talk all things sewing. Through these pages you will get to see why we believe the ASG is an important part of any community, get inspired by the beautiful creations of our members, and find links to help you get started in your sewing journey.

The ASG is a wonderful community where you can immerse yourself into the world of sewing. Show off what you have made, take classes, do charity projects, and share sewing knowledge with people of all ages. I guarantee no matter what type of sewing you do, home deck, garment, quilting, you will find a home here with us.

For a limited time you can take advantage of our “Taste of ASG”! For only $10 you can get a 60-day pass to see what the ASG has to offer:

  • Full access to the Members Only area of the ASG website
  • ASG’s Online Sewing Education Library of classes, webinars and videos
  • Member’s Only special offers and discounts
  • Electronic copy of Notions, ASG’s Quarterly Publication
  • Special pricing from ASG partners such as Craftsy and University of Fashion
  • Entrance to chapter meetings, neighborhood and special interest groups and events
  • Opportunity to register at Members Only price for the Annual ASG Conference in Orlando, FL, July 27-30, 2017

Sew what are you waiting for? Head on over to https://www.asg.org/taste-of-asg-trial-membership/and come sew with us!

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